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$$ Adult Webcam Models Wanted - 80% Payouts $$

Make $1,000 - $2,500 per week as a VIP Adult Webcam Model - Part Time!!!


Are you an adult webcam model with an adult webcam job making 25%...35%...50%?

Would you like to earn 80% of Network Profits?  Silly question, right?

On October 2012, we announced our new and exciting partnership with the highest paying adult webcam network in the industry.  As of January 2013, we are now accepting applications!  Our new partnership with this VIP network provides our agency the exclusive right to hire experienced webcam models, to work as an independent free agent, with the freedom to generate her own traffic and earn the highest commissions of any other adult webcam network in the industry!

  • Our high-paying VIP network is exclusive, private, and offered to highly experienced and popular models only!!!

  • With this new VIP network, we can now pay our models 80% of network profits.

  • Our VIP models DO NOT pay any Agency Fees or Studio Percentage from their network earnings!

  • How can this be?  We are managing partners of this new VIP network.  Our compensation is paid by the network out of the remaining 20% network profit.  We DO NOT deduct any agency fees or studio percentage from our VIP network model payouts.

  • Why should I apply with your agency?  We are the exclusive managing agent for this network.  This VIP network does not hire models directly, and you cannot be hired to work on this high-paying VIP network through any other agency or studio...period!

Top webcam models deserve to be paid more...and we made it happen!!!

How do we do it?  Simple.  In order for us to pay 80% of network profit, we only accept experienced and popular webcam models that currently work or have previously worked on other high-traffic adult webcam sites, and have established a large fan base of followers through social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.  We pay our VIP network models the highest percentage in the industry, because they have the ability to generate their own traffic.  When a model becomes popular enough to generate her own traffic, she becomes independent and should earn more than the same 25-50% paid to inexperienced less popular models.  We can pay our VIP models much more, because we don't have the added advertising cost that would be required to generate traffic. 

If you are a new model and cannot yet drive traffic to your room, then our new VIP network is not yet for you.  You first need to spend some time working on other high-traffic low paying adult webcam sites, where you can build your Facebook and Twitter following, while earning the lower 25% - 50% payouts. 

However, if you are an experienced and popular webcam model with friends and followers on social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, and you have the ability to alert and direct your followers to your chat room on our VIP network, you can earn 80% of network profits!  You are the Super Star.  We just provide you with a great high-quality venue, sell the tickets (tokens) to your fans, and collect your money.

After reading the information below, you'll know why our adult webcam models have the best webcam jobs in the industry.  Once you've decided you want to become a webcam model on our VIP network, just complete the Adult Webcam Model Application.  If your web cam modeling application is approved, you could start earning some serious cash in just a few days.  Start one of the best adult webcam model jobs today!

Adult Webcam Models Wanted for Web Cam Modeling Jobs

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We are only looking for Female webcam models who:

  • Are 18-35 years old

  • Attractive, friendly, and energetic

  • Slim, athletic, petite, or average build

  • Have experience performing on other webcam sites

  • Can generate traffic from their Facebook or Twitter fan pages

If you have further questions, please Contact Us




How is different from any other adult webcam agency?

Webcam models make a lot more money with our agency than any other webcam agency or network. Here's why:

(1) We have an exclusive partnership with the highest-paying adult webcam site in the industry.  This invitation only VIP network hires experienced models through our agency only.  This VIP network does not hire models directly, and you cannot be hired to work on this high-paying VIP network through any other agency or studio...period!

(2) Our VIP webcam models receive a much higher payout percentage than they could ever earn on any other webcam network, because our VIP models are able to generate their own high-quality traffic, which allows us to pay the highest payout percentage in the industry.

(3) Our network allows models to easily earn extra cash by selling access to their private photos and videos on our network using FMS (flash media server) technology (similar to the technology used by Youtube).  This provides the opportunity to allow private photos and videos to be viewed by your customers for a set fee, while eliminating the need to distribute the actual photo or video files to your customers.  This allows much more control and security over your private photos and videos.  This is also a lot less hassle.  Our models can remove or delete their private videos and photos at any time, without the worry of having hundreds or thousands of private photos or videos floating around in someone's computer.

(4) Unlike other studios or agencies that take a cut or percentage of the model's network payment, our agency is paid directly from the VIP network for managing the website, models, and members.  We DO NOT deduct any agency fees or studio percentage from the model's network earnings.  Our models earn the full 80% of the network profits, and our management fees are paid out of the remaining 20% network profit.  When you work as a webcam model on our VIP network, and generate your own traffic, you receive full network payouts with NO Agency Fees and NO Studio Commissions deducted from your network payouts.

We offer cutting edge technology for our adult webcam models and our members, providing the very best webcam chat experience possible.  Our models are always in complete control of their chat room, and we provide many different webcam chat room functions, settings, and features to fill your every need.

We treat each adult webcam model with complete respect.  Our webcam models are our friends and business partners.  We offer the friendliest technical support to assist you with anything and everything you could possibly need. 

In the webcam model's chat room, the webcam model is the ultimate boss.  We never interfere or tell a webcam model what to do.  Aside from our simple rules, our webcam models have an unlimited opportunity to be creative and make the best out of their webcam modeling experience here.


What equipment do webcam models need to get started?

All that a webcam model needs is a computer, a webcam with a microphone, and a high-speed Internet connection.  Our webcam network does not require any software to be downloaded, so any computer with FLASH installed will operate on our site.

Any high-speed Internet connection will work, as long as you are not using "dial-up".  Any broadband or DSL connection will be OK.  However, you will want to get the fastest Internet connection you can afford, so that your webcam video stream will be top quality for you customers viewing pleasure.


Are webcam models required to follow a set schedule? / When must I work?

Our webcam models do not have set hours or schedules.  Our webcam models work whenever they want, whether it's part-time or full-time.  As soon as a model logs in to her account and goes online, she will instantly appear on our webcam network.  The more a webcam model works, the more money she will make.  We do ask that our models post a schedule on their profile, to let members know when they will be on cam.

Additionally, we actively purge inactive accounts.  If a model has not logged in to her webcam account for 30 days, the account may be put on "inactive" status.  If a model has not logged in for 60 days, the account may be deleted.  When an account has been put on inactive status or deleted,  you will no longer be able to login to your account.  If you wish to reactivate an inactive or deleted account, you need to Email Us a request to reactivate your account.


How and when do webcam models get paid?

Each Adult Webcam Model gets paid every two weeks without delay.  We send payment to USA models by directly depositing your money into your bank account.  Models working from outside the USA are paid through MoneyGram.


How much money do webcam models make? / What is the minimum payout?

How much money you make will obviously depend on how many hours you spend working, your ability to direct your fans and followers to your chat room, and how successfully you build a returning customer base.  Top adult webcam models can easily make more than $10,000 per month on our VIP network working part-time.

We have one of the lowest payout minimums in the industry.  Our minimum payout amount is only $60 per 2-week pay period.  Any amount earned less than $60 in any pay period will not be paid out and will not be carried over to the next pay period.  Let's be honest, if you are not at least making $60 per 2-week pay period, this gig is probably not for you and you're probably not what we're looking for.  It is also just not cost effective for us to manage and pay models that earn less than $60 per pay period.


*Do you really pay your webcam models 80% of network profits

Yes.  And just so you understand how amazing it is that we can even do's the break down:

Our high-paying VIP network sells token packages to your customers ranging from our smallest token package @ $0.10 cent per token to our largest token package @ $0.08 cents per token.  Our VIP network DOES NOT charge higher prices than other webcam sites in order to pay models more.  That's not good business sense and it just wouldn't work.  We've got to keep the pricing competitive, so your customers won't hesitate to buy the token packages on our network or spend them any differently than they would on any other webcam chat site.  Obviously, adult webcam models make the majority of their money from their regular customers that purchase the larger token packages. 

Now let's do the math...  We'll take into account that the few smaller token packages sold will slightly increase our over-all average per token sales amount, but the majority of sales will be generated from customers buying the larger token packages at $0.08 cents per token.  So, we'll estimate that our average gross sale is $0.088 cents per token.  From this $0.088 cents per token average, we must pay the payment processor to accept your customer's credit card payments.  Due to the increased risk of charge-backs and credit card fraud in the adult webcam industry, websites providing adult content are considered high-risk and must pay credit card processing fees of 15% on every transaction.  Yep, that's right 15%!  If you don't believe me, do your own research on the two main adult billing companies, CCBill and Epoch.  So, now we have an average sale of $0.088 cents per token and we must pay the credit card payment processor their 15% fee, which is $0.0132 cents.  So after paying the 15% payment processing fee, we now have a net profit of $0.0748 cents per token.  We pay our VIP models $0.06 cents per token.  $0.06 cents divided by $0.0748 cents = 80.2%!!! So, after the network pays the 15% credit card processing fee, our models are earning a little more than 80% of the network profits, which leaves the network with a little less than 5%.  Out of this remaining 5%, the network maintains the website, pays for high performance website hosting services required for high-quality webcam streaming, and pays our agency to hire, manage models, and process the model's payments.  Personally, I think we should have went into the credit card processing business :)

You will receive more details on our payout structure after completing the Adult Webcam Model Application.

Other adult webcam studios only pay their models 25-50% and then make various deductions, charge extra fees, delay payment, and have high payout minimums.

From the day we started, it has been top priority to pay each adult webcam model more money and quicker than any other agency.  Webcam models will always make more money and get paid faster when they work with us.


How popular is the  Do you get a lot of traffic? is affiliated with the highest paying adult webcam network on the web.  Our models are paid more because they have the ability to generate their own traffic to their webcam chat rooms.  But what's more important, on average our network members spend more time (and more money) on our network webcam site than any other webcam network on the web, because they are the regular customers of our VIP models, and their is not a lot of "FREE" or "GUEST" members disrupting your chat room.


Can webcam models block customers from a certain state or country?

Yes, in our network, each adult webcam model is always in complete control of who is allowed to see their profile and performances.

Our adult webcam models can block out entire states and/or countries.  Blocked areas cannot even see your profile pictures nor can they enter your chat room.  Our models can also "kick" or "ban" any member from their room, as they choose.


How do I sign up as a webcam model and how does the process work?

When you are ready to sign up as an adult webcam model with our agency, go to our Adult Webcam Model Application and fill out the short application form.

If you are approved, you will receive an e-mail with instructions for continuing your registration.  You will have to upload a scan of your photo ID and digitally sign a copy of our Agency Agreement.

We will then need to review and approve this information.  Once your information is approved, you will receive a username, password, and the URL to login and access your model administration page where you will create a short profile and upload an avatar photo that we can display for you when you go online.  You will also receive further instructions to submit your payment information, so we can pay you.  That's it!

The whole signup process is very quick and easy.  When you are ready, click here to sign up to be a model.

We are only looking for Female webcam models who:

  • Are 18-35 years old

  • Attractive, friendly, and energetic

  • Slim, athletic, petite, or average build

  • Have experience performing on other webcam sites

  • Can generate traffic from their Facebook or Twitter pages

If you have further questions, please Contact Us

Webcam Model Application

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