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Adult Webcam Model Advice & Tips

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Ready for the exciting job known as an adult webcam model? Working as an adult webcam performer allows you to live a lifestyle most people don't even realize is possible. You get to set your own hours, earn large amounts of money for your time and have fun doing it all from the comfort of your home but that's not all.

Its much...much more than just those perks!

It's gaining time back that you never had before becoming an adult webcam model. It's getting back all that time you spent driving to and from work and trying to squeeze in errands at the same time. Now you can do what you want when you want. But to be truly successful you need to relax, have fun and just enjoy yourself. Don't take it too seriously but at the same time realize it's your business and you want happy repeat clients. So we have compiled a few tips, tricks and bits of information for you below to help you succeed! Enjoy!

1.  Speaking and / or typing English will always earn you more money. Most of the world speaks it, so should you. Additional languages are great, but the primary language of most adult webcam chat is English.

2.  Be in a good mood when you're on cam.  If you don't appear cheerful or in a good mood, your visitors will pick up on this and move to another room looking for a model with more positive energy.

3.  Letting your clients always know when you will be back whether its hours from now, or tomorrow, give them an exact time and date, and you'll be surprised how many come back to see you exactly the time you told them. Another thing, don't tell them a time and then be late or don't show.  Post a schedule on your profile and stick to it.

4.  Keep your microphone on at all times. Itís also much easier to talk to 7 or 8 guys at a time than the almost impossible task of typing to them all, but this is ultimately your decision whether you reply to chatters by talking or typing.  Either way, always keep your microphone on.  Visitors love to hear your voice, your laughter, and any other sexy noises you may make ;).  Its also good to have some music playing in the back ground to avoid complete silence.

5.  Use customerís nickname, but you will often want to shorten it down to something easier if its too long. Just make sure they know who youíre talking about if you shorten their name. Also, learn their real name, memorize or write it down, and use it often when they come back so they will be impressed that you remembered them.

6.  It's important not to give too much attention to one guy in your chat room, when you have many in there. It can be tough, but you will need to determine the few who will most likely take you private or who are the generous tippers and give them the most of your shared attention.

7.  When you receive a good tip or get taken private, add this member to your friends list and ask them to add you to their friends list.  When ever you login and see these members online, just send them a Personal Message and say "Hi there" or "Hey, how are you?"

8.  Make sure you have your hair, makeup and clothing in proper order. Remember, its called webcam modeling, so you do need to be presentable. Don't show up with wet hair, no makeup and look like you just came in from the pool, unless that's what your advertising. You want to make a good impression.  Also, remember the cam can wash your face out. You will want to use slightly more make up and eye liner than you would normally.

9.  You will always want to be wearing very sexy and skimpy outfits, lingerie, high heels, and shiny jewelry, such as big hoop or dangling earrings, necklaces, wrist and ankle bracelets, etc. Make sure your finger nails and toe nails are painted. You will also want to keep switching out your outfits so your clients will see you in different outfits. You should stay away from black, white and skin tone lingerie, as they do not look good on cam. Webcams like bright colors like green, blue, orange, yellow, red and pink. These colors look good on cam. Try to contrast your outfit color with the color of your surroundings and you'll really stand out.

10.  When you're on cam, try to frame yourself so your visitors can see your face and your whole body.  Models that dress in very sexy lingerie and high heels showing their whole body will always attract more visitors to their room than models that just sit in front of the cam showing only their face and shoulders while wearing conservative attire.  Some visitors want to see your hands, feet, shoes, legs, panties, bra etc.  Don't let those visitors pass you by.

11.  This is an adult entertainment site and members come to be entertained.  Do not just sit in front of your cam showing only your head and shoulders chatting with members and expect anyone to tip you or ask you to go private.  Members tip girls that dance, strip, or put on a hot and sexy show.  You are competing with other models that are also trying to get attention and tips from our members.  Who do you think makes the most tips at a strip club?  The girl taking money at the door dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, or the girl on stage taking off her clothes and putting on a sexy and seductive show?

12.  Always have props, toys, lube etc. close by. Also any changes to your outfit close by.  Don't ever make your guests wait for you while your "off cam" to go get something.

13.  If you're asked if you have a boy friend or if you're married.  It's usually best to tell them you're single and looking.  The thought that you're single creates the illusion that you're available and allows them to fantasize that some day you could be their girl friend.  If you want to tell them you have a boy friend or that your married, then tell them that your boy friend or husband doesn't know you're a webcam model.  This will at least allow them to fantasize that they are part of your little secret.

14.  TIPS, TIPS, and TIPS!  Girls...if you go into this job thinking that you are going to make good money from just doing private shows, you are going to be very very disappointed.  Yes...you will be asked to go private, and you will make good money per minute, but this is not how our top models earn the big pay checks.  Our highest paid models make 70-80% of their money in TIPS!  That's right, TIPS!.  Our top paid models put on hot and sexy XXX shows in the public chat area and generate the majority of their money by packing their room with visitors and generating repeat TIPS from several visitors.  Now...if your thinking to yourself... "I'm not letting anyone get a free show."...  You're going to miss the boat here.  Yes, there will be many members sitting on the side lines, taking in the show and not tipping.  This is just to be expected.  You've just got to ignore this to make the big money.  You are going to make much more money by attracting 100 - 500 members to your room (get naked and naughty and they will come) with just 10 - 20 of those members continuously tipping you during your public show, than chatting on cam for hours and hours just trying to persuade 1 or 2 members to take you private.  This is the #1 mistake made by new or inexperienced models!!  Watch some of the top most popular models on other top network sites.  You will see, they are not just sitting around waiting to be taken private, they are putting on hot and sexy XXX shows in public chat, packing the room with hundreds of members, and generating repeat tips from several members in a short amount of time.

15.  If you're just starting out, don't get discouraged if you don't make a lot of money your first few weeks.  Top paid webcam models build their business by turning first time visitors into repeat customers.  Remember, it will take a little time to build your repeat customer base and maximize your profit potential. 

16.  Get on cam to have FUN and Make New Friends.  Don't get on Cam to Make Money.  Dress Sexy, Have Fun, Make Friends and you will Make Money!

Important Note: We actively purge inactive model accounts.  If a model has not logged in to her webcam account for 30 days, the account may be deactivated.  When an account has been deactivated,  you will no longer be able to login to your account.  If you wish to reactivate a deactivated account, you only need to  Email Us a request to reactivate your account.

Click here to review our Cash Tips page (page 2 of 2) for ideas that will help you start making money from your customers right away!

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